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What are Pavers and Where to Use It
Human beings have used all the possibilities of nature they live in in order to survive since their existence, and made various tools and equipment to benefit more from these possibilities. Humanity, who started warming with fire after simple tools, used the cooking and reinforcing effect of fire on the products it produced. Here, Pavers is the product of the most valuable and healthy combination of nature and humanity, which has been achieved by the development of this progress over the ages and is still being used. In order to put their name on the list of great civilizations and civilizations in history, it is necessary to have an international contribution to the change and progress of the world. China, which is at the top of the civilizations that have guided the world with its own cultural and technological breakthroughs and contributed to the general progress, has given us the Pavers product with its many inventions. Pavers, produced by firing Chinese clay and Chinese stone at high heat, has been recognized in a short time with its glassy structure and healthiness, has maintained its place as the most valuable market product in trade routes for a long time, from Far Asia to Europe and the Americas. spread.

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